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Winter 2020, Cylée special collection. Auckland Town Hall

Winter 2020 – Synépeia

The title I have given to this collection is Synépeia, a Greek word, which means consequences. This reflects my concern with how modern humans need to face the consequences of their actions and the impact this has on our living/lived environment. I also draw on stories about consequences from Greek mythology to inspire the direction for this collection. These stories also reflect on the cycle of the seasons as a necessary element of renewal and growth. What particularly resonates for me as a young, contemporary fashion designer in the 21st century is how this cyclic balance has been disrupted by human interference and mismanagement of resources.

Through the use of smocking and gathering the intention is to suggest the rhythmic cycles of natural things such as breathing, heartbeats, seasons. This is partly realised through the appearance of the garments where smocking and gathering are tightened and relaxed throughout the design. It is also intended that the wearer becomes aware of her own rhythms, through how the materials expand and contract with her movements. At the same time, asymmetries are introduced into the designs to remind of imbalance and its possible discomforts. When allowed to flow between each other in a balanced way, opposing forces sustain creativity.